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Return & Refund

Seller may in its absolute discretion, accept a request by Customer to return Goods to Seller for credit, exchange or refund. If Seller accepts any request by Customer under this clause, such acceptance will be conditional on Customer: (a) delivering, at its expense, the relevant Goods to Seller at Customer’s cost in the same condition and packaging in which they were delivered to Customer, with a copy of Seller’s invoice, within five Business Days of Seller’s acceptance; and (b) The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 sets out minimum standards for goods sold by Y &Y Frozen Food Limited. In the event that goods purchased from Y &Y are deficient, faulty, or short weighted, the retailer (HBS) has the right to repair, replace or refund.

Any return of Goods to Seller is at Customer’s own risk. Seller is not responsible for unauthorised returns. Seller may dispose of on such basis as Seller sees fit and without liability to Customer, any Goods returned otherwise than in accordance with returns clause.